A Professional Approach to Water Treatment

Southwest Engineers is an innovative chemical company specializing in industrial water treatment.

Southwest Engineers was founded in 1985 on the basic premise that a more professional approach to water treatment was needed in the industry. Customer service was always promised, but seldom delivered. We deliver.

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SWE’s Professional Approach

Reasons why you should choose us

Professional Expertise

For over 40 years, Southwest Engineers has provided extensive services for virtually every water treatment need. Helping developing patent technology and support systems, our products and services need to be on the cutting edge.

Our Strengths

Using a customer centric focus, We at Southwest Engineers believe that value truly comes from satisfaction knowing your system is in the right hands. Our Analytical Laboratory, Expedited Delivery, and Technical Service team is there to guide you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Analysis Reports

Regular Service and Monthly Service reports allow you to make sure that you keep your high-quality systems running for the life span of their designed use.

Feeling Neglected?

Built 40 years on the premise that water treatment needed to be better, our most important product is "results" achieved through technical expertise, superior treatment chemicals and performance-based service. Our technical representatives work with your key personnel to develop innovative solutions that are unique to each plant they service. We strive to improve your system performance and to increase your overall profitability.

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Make It Happen

1. On site visit and evaluation

We learn your facility and operational priorities, gather critical system and water data, and begin solving problems immediately.

2. Receive a customized plan

Givng you a professional approach, we look to save you money and make your system more efficient.

3. Get results fast

Through teamwork, we demonstrate that your water treatment investment is a good one.

We Bleed Blue and Green

Rivaling the best in the industry, we offer technical services and products for a broad range of treatment applications and we specialize in Total Water Treatment Management at your facility. Our highly-skilled senior technical personnel form the core of our ISO 9001:2015 certified corporation, allowing us to design results-oriented, cost saving programs for your specific water treatment requirements.

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