Potable Water

Public supplies for drinking water and other domestic needs usually originate from wells or from surface supplies like lakes or rivers. The sources are protected to give produce as clean a water supply as practical, but that hardly means it is ready to drink!

Surface water especially may contain a considerable amount of suspended matter, which must be removed by some combination of coagulation, flocculation, and filtration processes. The water may contain organic material, which can be removed by chemical treatment or special filtration. Minerals such as iron and manganese, while not harmful to health at ordinary levels, need to be removed or suppressed to prevent color and staining. If the water is corrosive or scale is forming, inhibition of these effects is needed to protect the piping systems and the user’s plumbing. Finally, all public water supplies must be disinfected with some form of chlorine to guard against disease transmission.

Southwest Engineers’ PROCOR series of products is comprised of various blends of chemicals for usage in potable (drinking) water treatment systems. Only NSF/ANSI approved ingredients are used to formulate our versatile line of potable water treatment products. Whatever the water supply or distribution system problem, Southwest Engineers will bring together the chemistry and technical expertise to solve it.

Southwest Engineers is NSF Certified

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