Cleaning Agents

Chemical Cleaning Agents

Southwest Engineers offers unique cleaning agents for the petroleum, petrochemical, airline, metalworking, and food processing industries. Products are designed using a surfactant system that has been formulated into Cleaning In Place (CIP) cleaners and descalers.

The surfactant system is what makes these products unique. This multifunctional cleaning system has also been utilized in specially designed descaler and deruster products.

Southwest Engineers sells these products under the following labels:

  • Disperse 205

    Stationary equipment, chillers and radiators

  • Disperse 206

    Scale and tar cleaner as well as C.I.P. cleaner for food and fertilizer plants

  • Disperse 207

    Heavy-duty, non-caustic degreaser and non-emulsifying deoiler

  • Disperse 208

    Heavy-duty neutral degreaser for bilge water separators

  • Disperse 209

    Heavy-duty caustic based degreaser for the bakery and food industry, and heavy petroleum-asphalt cleaning

  • Bright-All

    Foaming coil cleaner (alkaline based)

All these products are biodegradable. Disperse 207, 208, and 209 have been certified by the USDA for use in government-inspected meat, poultry and egg processing plants.