Commercial and Institutional Division

Commercial and Institutional

Southwest Engineers offers every commercial and institutional customer our trademark professional approach to water treatment. Whether a university or college, public or private school system, hospital or healthcare organization, part of the hospitality industry, a residential or commercial building management concern, or even a small single building application, you now have access to the same level of professionalism in water treatment normally afforded only to large industrial accounts.

Southwest Engineers’ professional approach to water treatment includes the latest and most technologically advanced water treatment products available today, state of the art chemical feed and monitoring equipment designed to meet specific customer needs, and service by trained professional water treatment technicians.

Products and services cover all boiler and cooling, potable, and wastewater needs and requirements. Also offered are pretreatment equipment and specialized filtration equipment designed for a customer specific application. Specialized monitoring of corrosion, deposition analysis, and specific testing for bacteria and mold, including Legionella, drumless delivery, chemical containment and even remote monitoring of water using advanced technology are all part of our program.

Commercial and institutional customers are also afforded direct access to our technical department to answer questions and concerns that may arise about our products or facility application. Our customers also have access to the research and development department regarding special needs.

No matter the elegance of the treatment program proposed, the success or failure of that program will ultimately rest with the people who implement it. Southwest Engineers is proud of our field staff. They are dedicated individuals who take personal pride in the service level of their accounts. It is our standard procedure to have 2-3 field representatives familiar with your equipment. We will satisfy not only the “fine print” of the service agreement, but the intent as well. Our goal is to build a good working relationship and to implement a sound, effective water treatment program through training, service, and results.

Service is often promised, but seldom delivered. This is not the case with Southwest Engineers’ professional approach to water treatment. Our service program will include service calls on-site on a regularly scheduled basis. These service visits will include a written field service report detailing any necessary adjustments to the program. Start-up visits will be more often to ensure a smooth transition. Problem or emergency calls will be made as often as required to correct the situation. Also included in the service program are equipment inspections complete with report and pictures, any necessary analyses, operator training, monthly review of test findings and /or specific problems. We also provide test reagents, charts and logs for in-house testing, and biological culture tests. These service features are combined with a scheduled review of performance and discovery of common goals for the direction of the treatment program to ensure the desired results of a water treatment program designed especially for your particular needs.

Southwest Engineers strives to minimize “show and tell” and maximize trust and faith by working with your personnel to achieve mutually agreed upon goals and objectives. We are confident that when you evaluate the quantity and quality of technology, dedication, and service functioning for you, Southwest Engineers will rate highly.