Southwest Engineers is committed to total management of treatment to cooling water, boiler water, influent and wastewater, domestic and potable water, refinery systems and chemical processing systems. Our dedication to this goal is supported by an extensive range of the most advanced manufactured or custom-fabricated treatment and control equipment available.

Southwest Engineers offers a broad range of equipment to increase system efficiency and reduce overall treatment costs.

  • Chemical Injection

    Quills * Corporation Stops * Retractable Steam-Rates Nozzles

  • Chemical Make-Down Systems

    Manual * Automatic * Polymers * Boliler/Cooling/Process Treatment Chemicals

  • Controllers

    Boiler Blowdown * Condensate Monitoring * Cooling Water Treatment Control * Multi-Functio

  • Equipment Packages

    Custom-Built Systems * Complete Treatment Control Panels

  • Feeders

    Bypass * Filter Type * Solid Chemical

  • Filtration

    Sand * Cartridge * Automatic Screen

  • Flow Control

    Pulse Water Meters * Insertion Meters * Orifice * Ultra Low Flow

  • Level Control

    Magnetic * Float-Type * Differntial Pressure * Sonic

  • Mixers

    Motor-Driven Agitators * Motionless In-Line * Nozzles

  • On-Line Monitoring

    Chemical Analysis * Instantaneous Corrision Rates * Corrosion Coupons * Recorders

  • Polymer Feed Systems

    Liquid * Dry * Automatic * Manual * Custom-Built

  • Powder Feeders

    Manual * Automatic

  • Pretreatment Equipment

    Softners * Dealkalizers * Reverse Osmosis * Deionizers * Filters

  • Pumps

    Diaphragm * Piston * Centrifugal * Progressing Cavity * Gear * Pneumatic

  • Sample Coolers

    Carbon Steel * Stainless Steel * High Pressure

  • Software Solutions

    Process Control * Data Retrieval and Manipulation * Web-based

  • Tanks and Accessories

    Steel * Polyethylene * Multiple Sizes * Totes * Bins * IBCs * Level Indicators * Fittings

  • Timers

    Programmable * Solid State * Electro-Mechanical

  • Valves

    Motorized * Solenoid * Boiler Blowdown

Equipment Inspections

Southwest Engineers’ sales and service personnel are trained to inspect boiler and cooling system equipment using the latest in inspection equipment and laboratory analysis. On-site reports are issued as the consulting service visit is complete on the mutually agreed upon scheduled intervals (ie. monthly, weekly, etc.). Formal reports are also generated once a year that includes photographs, videos, deposit/metallurgical analyses, etc. The reports are detailed as to the findings of the inspection from which conclusions can be drawn and treatment programs outlined to remedy perceived problems.

Types of inspections available:

  • Exchanger Inspections
    Video Probe XL – 25 ft. long fiberoptic bundle for inspecting tubes ½" or larger in diameter.

  • Boiler Inspections
    Recon Digital Inspection System – Boroscope with 120 ft. cable.

Inspections can be video taped or digital pictures can be captured for record keeping.